Sunday, December 15, 2013

The kids are taking over

I am feeling boring, so I will let my much-more-exciting-than-I-am children add the captions to these pictures.  Here's what we've been up to the last month or so.

We tried to take some pictures of our children and some of us went on a a fun hike with cousins and family:
Taylor - this is the kids when they are being paid not to be crazy.    

Logan:  I'm throwing the stick in the water.  Do you remember when I was standing by the waterfall?  It was splashing all over me.  It was fun when I was doing that. 
Jono:  I'd rather be in the cave.  I am right by it.
Grant:  Hannah!  Outside!  Mountain!
We enjoyed Thanksgiving spending time with both of our families:
Jane: They are so cute together.  As long as Grant has a tablet or a phone. 

Taylor:  Look at my MAD SKILLS. 

Hannah:  Jane is saying, "I just went to Clear Creek.  This is a great celebration!"

Jono:  Why is Thanksgiving so Feasty?
Jono: Why is Logan standing in the middle of nowhere?
 Hannah's Birthday Bash and going to see the lights at Temple Square:
Hannah:  Happy birthday to me.  I am turning 9 (or 103 in the case of the song).

Hannah:  This is my birthday.  This is a great celebration for it, isn't it? 

Jono: Where the heck am I in this picture?
Jane: We were seeing the lights.  I liked seeing the big red tree - it was pretty when you looked up at it.  Hannah and Jono got lost. 
 We went to a spectacular piano recital:
Hannah:  I just got a really good piano recital.
We went to a cousin party for all of the December birthday kids:
Hannah:  We are the best birthday girls.  Taylor:  Why am I not in this picture with my MAD SKILLS?

Grant:  NO!!! (He doesn't like it when I hold Logan and this picture makes him unhappy.)

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Fall in

 Well, I would definitely say that our fall has gone better than our summer did!

It started off a little rocky because we still had the whole pneumonia thing going through the family, but it was mostly on it's way out by the time school started.  Everyone but Hannah managed to get sick.  She should get an award or something.  We'll buy her a shirt that says "I'm not with these people."
Anyway here's a picture of Jef.  He tried very hard to get admitted to the hospital, but only qualified for an ER visit and lots of IV therapy sessions.  It was quite a fun date night thing we had going on.  He would get hooked up to all of these tubes while I coughed in the background wondering if I could get a hit of his steroids.   Thank heavens for wonderful kids who can now babysit so that we didn't have to expose anyone else to our germiness.  Anyway, Jono and Grant had a little milder cases than the rest of us.  And Jane's was more like a bad cold, and actually might have been since that made it's way through the house about this time too.  She had to miss the fist few days of school, and Taylor started the big Jr. High, so he went a day earlier then the other kids.  We got to take the back to school pictures 3 times.
 7th freaking grade!!
1st.  So excited about eating lunch at school.
 And Jane is now a 5th-grader.
 One of our first public appearances in like 2 months. We went up the canyon for a cousin bday party (sans Jef, who was still not quite up to it.)  Grant enjoyed much rock-throwing before the rain started.
 Soccer and Flag Football started the same week as school.  Because if you're going to get back into the swing of things, you might as well be insanely busy.  Hannah decided to opt out this year - she says piano is her thing right now.   Above is Logan.  This was his first year of soccer. 
 That's the back of Jane.

 Taylor-man. Got a lot of playing time this year and even got to play quarter-back. 

 On a hike behind our house. 

 Now that Jono is in first grade, Logan, Grant, and I have a little more time for some fun outings.  Here we are at Cabelas.

 Here we are on a bikeride/walk. 

 During Fall Break we went up to spend a day in SLC.  Jef came and met us at this park for lunch. 
Fall Break activities not pictured - Jef took the three oldest boys camping.  Jane, Hannah, Grant and I enjoyed a fun night out at the Macey's tailgate party and the Legacy center while they were gone.  And we all had some fun one day going to see Monsters U.

 The kids loved the fun stuff to do at the Church History Museum.
 On Top of the Conference Center

 Hanging out by the temple.

 Jono's school has a running club.  They opened up on of their races to everyone, so he wanted to be in it.  He ran a mile and did fantastic.  That kid has some wheels on him.
 Thanks, cousins, for a fun morning at the Dino museum.
 Last, but not least - Halloween pictures.  We actually all went around our neighborhood this year.  Surprisingly, we've never done that before since we usually go visit grandparents.  It was really fun and a beautiful night. 

 Carving pumpkins in the house because it was raining this day.  I am so happy that no one needed stitches before it was all over.  Most of our pumpkins had Power Ranger insignia's on them.  And surprise, surprise - Jane's looked like a CAT.
 He should be tired.  I know I am after chasing him all day! 
Happy Fall everyone!! 
(Christmas lists are already being submitted, so I guess that the fun is just beginning!!)

Monday, August 12, 2013

And to bring you completely up to date: We are all a bunch of sickos.

End of Summer:
Could be better.  Sorry, I know silver lining and all that but this hasn't been the best time for us.  3/4 of the family has gotten pneumonia and aside from lots to dr visits, some of us haven't really left the house in a month.  (See, it's so bad, I'm even getting desperate enough to update our blog!)

Taylor got it first mid-July.  He was sick for a long time before he was finally diagnosed with pneumonia.  He got to be the guinea pig and thanks to him we learned the this strain is viral and resistant to antibiotics.  We learned that steriods and breathing treatments are helpful.  But he spent 4 days in the hospital with lots of oxygen and fluids and scaring us and stressing us out before we really leaned all of this.

Taylor has had a good attitude and kept me laughing in the hospital with fake commercials about why you shouldn't smoke.  He was so thankful for the visits and presents he got - that means a lot to a 12-year-old stuck inside during the summer.
We tried to embarrass the tar out of him when he came home.  I think he liked it. 
Snuck down to Orem with the non-sickies to have a little 24th of July fun while Taylor was hospital-bound.  Thankful for family and friends who helped out with the kids and food and kindness.  Especially for all those who've kept Jane and Hannah busy so that they didn't go crazy being stuck with us sickies while they are not.  Jane got to go to Idaho with Grandparents/cousins and both she and Hannah enjoyed some cousin sleepovers.  Logan and Jono did a little too before they got sick.  
From Logan we learned that unlike most strains of pneumonia, this kind is actually very contagious.  (We deeply apologize to the lucky cousin who got it too!)  Logan got sick the day Taylor got home and the next week got to spend 3 days of his own in the hospital.  He is very prone to asthma/croup symptoms, so we watched him especially close, but he wasn't needing too much oxygen, so it wasn't quite at scary as Tay's visit.  He loved being in the room next to where Taylor's had been and getting all the same treats Taylor got and asked for Root Beer for breakfast.  Of course, once the IV went in, he was ready to go home, but all things considered was a great sport.
So, Grant, Jono, and Julie all got it next.  Luckily neither Grant, nor Jono has seemed quite as sick as their brothers (they were pretty sick, but didn't need to go to the hospital - it's all relative.)  It seems to lasts a few weeks and is really horrible - fever, chills, headaches, no appetite, and of course, lots of coughing.  Thankfully, most everyone is on the mend but Jef, who is just starting in and is incredibly sick.  Prayers for him would be nice.  I am so thankful he took care of me and waited for me to feel a little better before he got violently ill.  He is considerate like that. 

So, since this is all very complainy - here are some of the silver linings of this past month:  Grant loves Diego, Dora, and Super-why so much that he'd watch them all day if he could.  (Yes, I admit it - he has been.)
We've been doing some major family bonding.  24/7.  Seriously.  Thanks heavens for the oldest kids learning to play Monopoly.
I think I may be well on my way to a medical degree with all of the drugs I've been administering.
We've earned like $40 worth of rewards points at Walreens.
Did I mention how lucky we are to have such amazing family and friends?  Couldn't be more thankful for all of you.
I made our doctor's promise to name this rare strain of pneumonia after us - we've totally got dibbs.  Something like Taygon's disease.  What do you think?
Last but not least - we are hoping we are learning some empathy.   We've seen how much the simple, kind things others do mean to us and want to be nice like that to others.  (Once we get better and aren't putting their lives at risk by breathing on them.)  We know we've been very blessed to get through something that has been a trial for us and we are thankful for that enabling power and love from our Heavenly Father.

Can't believe that school starts next week!  We are hoping to all be better by then and that the school clothes we ordered online come in time and maybe even fit.  We are hoping that the warm weather holds out a little longer so we can have a little more fun in the sun before winter.  We are hoping we can all find some energy since soccer and flag football start next week.  It felt cool when I woke up a few mornings ago and I thought it felt like fall.  Holy Cow - how does it always sneak up on us like this?